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headshot by : Felicidad de Lucas

Clarissa Butler. What praise can I give her that hasn’t already been praised? Clarissa is a creative, balanced and positive person with a flare for the up and coming. But I’m sure this has been said before...many, many times. I look forward to working with her again someday soon!
— Eric Johnston, Owner, Art Design Studios:

Clarissa Butler is the Founder + Creative Director of CB Creative Agency. She works with a number of artists, photographers and designers, to curate art, interior design and brands across all platforms. Raised on the East Coast, Clarissa found her creative beach-loving heart in Southern California. She’s always traveling, exploring the outdoors, gaining perspective at galleries and museums, and expanding her wellness and yoga practice.

As the daughter of two NASA rocket scientists, Clarissa Butler grew up believing in boundless possibility. Butler’s full-service agency provides a 360 degree lifestyle experience for its clients. She has spent 13 years in the creative business space and her diverse development strategies reflect her background. Her talent for connecting people has led to many brand collaborations within her client portfolio. Utilizing her left brain logic and right brain creativity she is adept in both the strategic and creative processes necessary to run a design house.

Butler loves all executions of art and design, and teaches printmaking and plein-air drawing + painting. Printmaking and color theory are her primary focus, and she loves the multiple ways to explore and execute drawings and color relationships through the ancient medium. The tedious nature and surprise of the craft allows for endless discovery and she loves the never-ending possibilities it allows, and sharing that passion for discovery with her students.

As an active community member Butler supports several charities and produces awareness that benefit their efforts. She teaches art with Creative Creatures Collective and raises funds for Walking for Water.